A Place to Discuss Client Success

In this section, we will document client success stories so that others can see what is possible, approaches that others have taken, and how they may benefit from improving their Business English.

a place where we can learn from each other to enhance knowledge and facility success

Aziz, A Middle Eastern Managing Director

Aziz came to us with a desire to become native level fluent in English and engaged with us for an intensive six month course of study to accomplish this goal.

Although he had a high level of English competency, he wasn't confident in his English communications skills including listening, writing, and speaking. In the initial interview, he was hesitant, had a hard time finding the words, and spoke in a low monotone voice with many uncomfortable pauses.

We performed the Gap Analysis where he tested at a C1 level but missed several lower level questions. We quickly fixed the basic grammar issues with a test review and a few homework assignments.

Behind his desire to be more fluent was an objective to create a global alliance under the leadership of his company. This is a complex task for any executive, let alone where English is a second language.

We decided focus on becoming fluent in the activities required to achieve the Global Alliance objective. We started several reading and speaking exercises to train him to speak with confidence. Shadowing powerful speakers like President Obama, learning intonation, pace, timber, and how to use pauses for effect, while gathering thoughts for the next few words. This worked very well.

Next, we focused on what was required to secure and conduct meetings with English speaking executives. We developed Vision & Mission statements which we incorporated into a Canva Pitch Deck. Then we practiced in a role play until he was completely comfortable. The Pitch Desk is something that company executives have to learn inside and out; to be prepared to speak to any of the topics at a moments notice. Aziz accomplished this very well.

Then we moved on to attention getting email templates. We developed this content in mentoring / learning fashion, not ‘let me do it for you’. He then worked with others in his company to make these documents into corporate standards. Aziz recently sent the email below to us after his sixth week.

We'll add more to this blog post for others to learn from in the future.