On it’s own, Netflix is a popular platform for language learning with the ability to view content in various languages, while streaming subtitles in native or target languages. It’s a great platform to immerse yourself in a foreign language while relaxing at home with your family. If the kids don’t want to listen in a foreign language, you can read along with the sub-titles in your target language. 

Language Learning with Netflix & YouTube (LLN) is a Google Chrome extension that supercharges the learning experience. The free subscription has many features, but for $5/month, it really comes alive.

Watching movies in your target language is a great way to immerse yourself in the target language and culture

Full player mode

Below, you can see the interface as the movie is playing. The section on the right shows subtitles that you have selected to save for later. When you click on one of these, the show returns that particular section so you can review it again. The center of the screen shows a pop-up dialogue where you can hear the pronunciation and see various conjugations for a word that you have selected from the subtitles. 

More to come - happy watching!