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As an English Tutoring organization, we cater to senior business professionals such as Software Engineers,  entrepreneurs, Directors, and CEO's. Our students have already taken years of English classes but now seek an applied level of instruction specifically focused on making an immediate impact in their professional careers. 

Because of the extensive business experience of our instructors, we also offer Business Development Consulting aimed at helping your company grow by expanding into English Speaking markets like the United States. 


Communicate with Confidence

Customized program to have you communicating like a Native in the shortest time possible

Master your speaking skills

Proven shortcuts to making you speak like a Native much sooner than you thought possible. Learn the power of power intonation, pace, frequency, and silence 

The language of Business

Unlock the hidden meanings of Business English lingo with powerful Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, and common business expressions

High Tech Learning

Quickly identify your grammar gaps with our Gap Analysis test, and fix them with focused lesson and homework Learning Management System (LMS) content.

Business Writing

There is a lot more to getting someone's attention than proper grammar.  Learn techniques to get the attention of your target audience and win them over. 

our approach

Speaking and Listening go hand-in-hand as we say. When you are in a meeting, on a phone call, or other real-time communication - every second counts. 

  • Communications move fast, you have to quickly understand what is spoken and be able to assimilate and respond. Meeting conversations turn quickly from one subject to another. It's difficult to return to a topic after the group has moved on to another.

    • You want to speak in concise terms with logical logical responses. You want to lead the conversation, not just follow or defer to your partners. And you want to speak with power and authority, but you are insecure about your language skills.
    • But there is good news! Pauses and silence are powerful tools when you learn to harness them. They give you time to gather your thoughts so you can achieve your desired outcome. And this is where we will focus a lot of our initial effort - making you feel confident by mastering pauses, intonation, pacing, and silence.

Written communications are necessary to 'get in front of' your desired audience.

Whether it's an interview, sale, or strategic partnership, you want to meet with important people. And important people are busy and overwhelmed with requests for their time.  You need to write effectively to get their attention. 

  • This doesn't only apply to non-native speakers, most people have no idea how to write in a manner that gets, and keeps, the attention of our target audience.
  • Emails are a great example. Everyone wants to write a dissertation so that their intended audience will be informed, impressed, and ready to take action. They feel that the person is sitting at their desk waiting in anticipation for your brilliantly written email. Then you sadly watch the clock as minutes turn into hours, then days, and weeks with no reply. What now?
  • The fact is that an average executive receives over 100 emails per day and usually has less than half an hour to sit at their desks and process their emails. You have 3 seconds at a time to win their attention, starting with the subject line.
  • You will quickly learn how to win the attention of VIPs with all forms of written communication from emails, to presentations, proposals, and more.

High-Tech learning with an advanced Learning Management System (LMS)

We utilize an advanced Learning Management System (LMS), to cover the basics and electives. It is very comprehensive, with over 1000 multi-media lessons, that include integrated homework assignments. The questions on the Gap Analysis test are also linked directly to the lessons, making it easy to fill in your gaps. 

In this first section, there are screenshots of the main grammar lessons which consist of over 1000 lessons with 15-25 slides each - now that's a lot of content! The second section below has four screenshots from a typical lesson.

B2 - C1 Grammar




Gap Analysis 

The Gap Analysis test quickly identifies your specific areas for improvement and connects you to the exact lessons needed to improve your knowledge in those areas. 

There are four parts to the Gap Analysis test. There are 100 Grammar Questions, listening comprehension, reading, and writing exercises. The total test takes about 90 minutes to complete and can be paused between sections. 

Gap Analysis - Grammar Section

Here, we are showing results for the Grammar, Listening, and Reading sections. The Writing section is scored manually by the instructor and is not shown here.  The horizontal bars indicate the total number of questions, with green being correct answers, red the missed questions, and questions that were not answered are in gray

The slide below shows the results of a student (their identity is masked) that scored a level C1 - a very advanced level of English. But as you can see, she had a significant number of missed questions in B1, B2, C1, Listening, Reading, & Writing.  We refer to these as Gaps.  Below the bars, are the questions that she missed, with explanations that are linked to the lessons related to those questions. With this test, we were able to quickly pinpoint her weaknesses and resolve them before moving on to the customized sessions.

Listening & Reading Comprehension

These results are from the same Level C1. It is quite normal for students to excel at Grammar but have difficulty in listening and reading comprehension as traditional English language instruction focuses on grammar more so than these other skills. Therefore, a good deal of your applied learning will be in these areas. 

We believe in quickly discovering and rectifying gaps in the basics before moving on to advanced/applied studies. Of course, we often do these activities in parallel as well. 

Consulting - contact for details 

Our lead partner has an engineering background, GE executive training, and 25 years of experience as a global business development executive with high-tech Start-Ups in Silicon Valley

Strategic Proposals

Create impactful proposals that win strategic business. 

Business Development

New market strategies, business development channel development

Business Plans, Mission & Vision Statements

Whether you are going after a new market, have new products, or are refreshing your business plan, we can help

What is your Value Proposition?

We can help you define, clarify, and articulate your value proposition for your clients, employees, partners, and prospects


Below are testimonials of a few of our amazing students. Their hard work and readiness to learn are paying off in a big way for them!

Aziz A.

Managing Director

Working with Mike has exceeded my expectations. We have done business presentations, emails, written a new company vision and mission statement, company strategies, and more. I’m now much more effective in writing email and business content, and much more confident in my speaking. This has made a significant contribution to my company.

Diana R.


I have been studying English since primary school and but didn't know my level. I knew a lot,, but struggled with some basic concepts. I took the Gap Analysis test and was amazed at how comprehensive it was. I now know that I am a C1 level but had weaknesess in lower levels which we quickly fixed

Ahmed D.


I have learned so much in such a short time. I now manage client opportunities and my own people more effectively. I wish I had done this sooner.

David R.

Software Engineer

I am much more effective at writing proposals and interviewing for projects. I am much more confident and winning more business!

Pardeep S.


I have a high level of English comprehension but I used to get nervous and speak too fast. Now I have learned the power of pacing, intonation, and pausing. I'm much more confident

Blog Posts


Case Studies

One of the best ways to learn it to see how others do it. This is a place to read about the successes of other students and to see how you may benefit from our services.


Mike's First Silicon Valley Job

My plane from Chicago O’Hare  to San Francisco Int'l had just started accelerating down the runway when the pilot slammed on the brakes in a sudden and violent jolt.


Learning Language with Netflix

One of the best ways to imerse yourslf in a language is to movies and shows in your target language and LLN maximizes that learning experience. 


Gap Analysis


  • Know your level!
  • Includes Review & Plan 
  • Comprehensive 90 minute level test including 100 grammar questions, listening, reading, and writing testing. Includes 1 hour session to review results and create a plan of action.

Group Classes

$15 / hr

  • Class size up to 5 people at same level
  • Conversation style classes based on professional topic from the Learning Management System
  • Offered in or near your specific time zome on a monthly basis or as classes fill up.


We work flexible hours to meet the schedules of our Global Clients

Available Virtually Anywhere

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